Security DVR, DVR Security : Securing Your Security Camera System

If you’d like to make your security camera system secure, there are three main precautions to take:

  • Protect the DVR
  • Limit access to the DVR
  • Protect the security cameras

With a properly secured setup, most potential vandals will be sure to head for the hills.

The first precaution is to protect the DVR.  You can simply purchase a DVR lock box, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you do.  Be sure to place your DVR in a location where only you or your security staff knows about it.  A third step would be to set up a dummy DVR to throw perpetrators off the scent of your real DVR.  Most assailants will notice the cameras and immediately look for the DVR.  If they spot the dummy DVR, they may think they’ve found the real one, but you’ll be able to keep your footage, ultimately making dummies out of them.

GeoVision IP Camera

Many GeoVision cameras include software with tamper alarms.

Next, limit the access to the DVR.  If you give everyone in your company the Admin user name and password so they can look at footage, then you need to stop immediately.  If one of your employees gets disgruntled and leaves, they’ll still have full access of your DVR.  You should limit the access only to permitted security staff and managers.  If employees need access to the DVR, you can always create individual accounts and limit what they can see and do.  If that employee leaves, you can simply delete their account, and that employee will no longer be able to access the DVR.  Also, if you decide to put your cameras on the internet, don’t give the IP address out to just anybody.  Always have it password-protected, and keep your access lists up-to-date.

Finally, you’ll need to secure your security cameras.  When a perpetrator sees a camera, he will most likely immediately try to break it.  Try to find a DVR that will alert you or set off an alarm when someone tampers with the camera.  Also protect your cameras by buying vandal-proof cameras.  Remember: to get the most out of your security system, you’ll need to protect and maintain its integrity.