Why the Security Industry is Recession Proof

During these economic hardships, the security industry is in high demand and some analyst say that it is going to get even better. The main reason is that there are a lot of investors looking to get into the industry. You know that old saying that people start slacking on spending when there is a recession. And with the latest news about the stock market, people with disposal income are holding on to it looking for the next solid investment. This leaves an abundance of cash flow to be used to start new business ventures and there is nothing hotter that surveillance.

At the forefront of recent revenue gains for the security industry is the implementation of more access control driven systems. It has been stated that access control actually creates more recurring revenue. Also the government is becoming a huge client of the industry due to homeland security demands. And last but not least, technology is taking the industry to the next level, with more business upgrading their systems and moving over to true IP / network applications.

So if you are in the security industry, you better stay there. It has been stated that the security industry has changed more in the past two years than the previous 10. No one is sure if we are going to go back into a recession at this moment, but I think that if you are looking for stability then security is where you will find it!

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