Camera Styles: Dome vs Box vs Bullet

There are several camera styles to choose from: Dome, Box, Bullet, Vandal-Resistant, and Spy.  Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages.  First, I would like to discuss the Dome Camera:

The dome camera is one of the most versatile camera styles.  Many CCTV dome cameras offer 3-axis mounting.  This mounting option allows you to mount vertical, horizontal and diagonally.

dome camera positioning

Another advantage is the dome structure itself:  it offers a pleasing aesthetic look, blending in with the area of installation, and is usually offered in a variety of colors.  The dome structure also offers greater vandal resistance when mounted in close arm’s length.  This strength is very importance to consider when mounting for an application that involves lots of people in reach of the camera.  Applications such as convenience stores, banks, retail stores, bars and homes should first consider dome cameras.

A disadvantage is if you ever need to change the field of view, it is necessary to pull the dome cover off to adjust the camera.  Also, dome cameras are typically limited to a 12mm lens, so if longer distance or tighter shots are needed, this may not be the best choice.

samsung box security camera

The most commonly used camera, and probably the most versatile for distance viewing, is the box camera.  The box security camera is not used often for its looks (I mean it’s a box), but moreso to have a presence of security to ward off potential challenges.  A few advantages to consider when selecting box cameras:

  • Inexpensive – there are many high resolution options that start under $100
  • Audio – Among analog cameras many box cameras offers an audio microphone
  • Large range of lenses – can capture both wide and small areas in addition to long distances – 2.8mm to 250mm+ lens available

zoom lens image

  • Dual power – box cameras can be powered with 12VDC or 24VAC
  • Heated camera housing available – for cold weather conditions, a box camera can easily be placed in a heated enclosure

The disadvantages are the usually uninspired looks of the camera, and if mounted low, they could be tampered with.  Also make sure you know which power source is run to the camera before hooking it up.

geovision bullet security camera


Sleek and aerodynamic are characteristics that come to mind when I think of Bullet Cameras.  Not many things are more powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet camera.

There are numerous spec choices with bullet cameras.  They offer fixed lens, varifocal, long range, and a plethora of features.

Most bullet cams are suited for outdoor applications because of their larger size, which additionally offers a great way to deter theft.  The bullet is very versatile because of the mounting bracket’s flexibility to swivel horizontally, and vertical adjustments can also be made with the simple turn of a screw or bolt.  A bullet camera is also well-suited for interior warehouse applications.

One area to consider before installing a bullet is how high or low you will mount the camera.  If you need to mount the camera less than 10 feet, and are worried about vandalism, then consider a different style camera.

Get It Right

There are two main styles of security cameras on the market today and choosing the correct one can have allot to do with how safe your system will be once installed.

The two types of cameras are bullet and dome cameras.  If your cameras are installed where they can be reached from the ground or with the aid of a short ladder or something else that can be put in place easily, you might want to consider using the vandal resistant dome camera. They are harder to damage than a bullet camera. But keep in mind if you are installing them on a wall instead of ceiling that you will want one that rotates on three axis. If not, your image will not be upright. If your cameras are mounted out of harm’s way, I would go with the bullet camera as you will find that they are usually more cost effective for the same quality of camera.

Also keep in mind that there are DVR lock boxes available to help secure your DVR. These come in several sizes and are made for stand alone as well as PC based DVR’s.

CCTV DVR Surveillance System Packages

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In my earlier posts I have covered almost all the individual components that you’ll need for setting up sophisticated CCTV security systems. For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of assembling the system from scratch, ApexCCTV has DVR surveillance packages. They include everything – DVR system, cameras, pre-cut cables, and power supplies – that you need to run the system. These CCTV security systems can be installed right out of the box, and they don’t need any configuration either. We have a range of options available to suit individual requirements as well as budgets. A 4-camera package is ideal for your home or office. DVR surveillance packages with 8, 9, and even 16 cameras are available.

The 4-channel DVR Security Package comes with 2 outdoor IR and 2 dome cameras to make your place, indoor as well as outdoor, safe all year round. Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) control is also supported for complete coverage. Three recording modes – alarm triggered, continuous, and motion (around-the-clock) are available for maximum flexibility. A hard drive with a storage capacity of 160 GB is included to store the footage.

The 4-camera 60FPS Security DVR Package with Monitor is another product worth recommending. With a 250 GB hard drive, you have maintenance free recording available to you. You can even record the sound by connecting an optional microphone. The recorded video files can be easily transferred to a PC, thanks to its USB port. With the night vision security cameras, surveillance in complete darkness is also possible. In fact, they switch to the black and white mode at night for clarity.

The 16-camera DVR system is a superior choice for high-end surveillance purpose. It lets you keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. The security cameras included are both weatherproof and vandal resistant.