LPR Surveillance Systems : How Do They Work?!

“I’ve tried to see license plates on the system I installed and it does not work!”

We hear this complaint every day. The problem is not the DVR or the camera’s positioning, but the cameras that were chosen to do the job. With a little bit of information, your LPR system will be firing on all cylinders.

Before you pick out cameras to monitor the license plates coming in and out of your property, you need to make sure you have the right DVR or NVR. This is just like a car; if your engine is engineered for towing, you’re not going to win a drag race anytime soon. To get the absolute most out of a License Plate Recognition camera system, you will need the LPR software that attaches the two video feeds of the vehicle to capture and recognize the license plate. To support that software, a standalone DVR or NVR simply will not do. You will need to purchase a PC based DVR / NVR unit that can record and view at 30 fps or more on each channel.
Geovision LPR Camera Demo
A true LPR camera is designed with special lens filters to eliminate lighting and reflection issues from a vehicle’s headlights. To combat this, it will always record in black and white to help maximize the contrast between the license plate and its surroundings. The GV-LPR-CAM-10A was specifically engineered to give your LPR software a 570 TVL high-contrast video feed to identify license plates at any time of day or night with a 99% accuracy rating under optimum conditions. The camera features 24 High-Efficiency LEDs for an illumination range of 30m (98.43 ft) and comes pre-assembled in an IP66-compliant weather resistant housing.

Another crucial component of the LPR camera system is the overview camera. Now the overview can be any type of camera, but for the best results you’ll want to use a high resolution analog or IP security camera to cover the target zone of the LPR camera. Using these camera in tandem helps save your company money and a few of the ways our company has saved time and money are :

  • Tracking trucks as they come and go from the warehouse to monitor deliveries and pick ups
  • Have all company employee vehicles registered in the system and when one of these vehicles enters company property during off hours or after the employee has been let go, an alert will be generated and sent to your smart phone
    • Monitors employee punctuality and prevents theft / misconduct
  • The Shipping Dock can be notified when a delivery truck as arrived before they enter the docks which helps speed up the receiving process and improves overall productivity

If you have any questions about whether an LPR security solution is right for you, call one of our on-hand security experts @ 1-800-997-8460 and we’ll help you get the security system that’s right for you!


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  6. This software is really amazing and with this software the clarity that you get is mind blowing….

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