Installing security cameras at heights

You just purchased a top of the line security camera system and are installing it at the absolute best vantage points. One problem, a few of those vantage points are 20+ feet up in the air. The pro’s will know when to use a ladder and when to use something safer than a ladder, like a cherry picker or bucket truck. In this post, I’ll look at when you should ditch the ladder for a lanyard and consider the investment in safety.

A friend of mine that’s a doctor once told me that an average person has the same chance of living at falling from any height over 25 feet (I had to ask about extreme sports and how those guys crash motorcycles from 25+ ft all the time with which she noted that those guys “know how to fall”). So, let’s assume you’re going to fall when you install your high-tech security cameras, let’s give you the highest percentage chance of living assuming you don’t have hemophilia. Working at any height over 20 feet will decrease your chance of survival dramatically but heights lower than 20 feet don’t increase as dramatically. I WANT YOU to work at heights under 20 feet.

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If you absolutely have to install the system yourself and you have the perfect vantage point at over 20 feet high, consider renting a bucket truck or aerial lift from a local dealership. For a 45′ working height truck, you’re looking at approximately $350 per day. Renting a lift can definitely help you become more cost effective than hiring a professional but be sure to work safely. Something like 28 people die every year from lift truck accidents. There are plenty of safety manuals available on the internet that are free of charge. If you’re operating one of these trucks, be sure to read up.

If you plan to use a ladder at heights, consider using a lanyard. Tie a lanyard to a secure spot near your work site. Using a lanyard is a good way to stay safe if you happen to lose your balance or if the ladder moves.


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  1. KD on Wed, 17th Aug 2011 1:24 pm
  2. This was good information to know.

  3. Thomas Foster on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 7:16 am
  4. The cost of renting a lift is minimal compared to the cost of potential medical bills that could be incurred from an injury.

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