GV-SD220-S IP Speed Dome and Geovision AVP Software Functions

The GV-SD220-S by GeoVision is a 2 megapixel real time HD camera. This camera, while substantially higher on the price scale, provides the user with smooth PTZ control while featuring wide dynamic range which allows you to see in diverse lighting environments. In this post, I will go over some Advanced Video Process functions available in GeoVisions latest version 8.5.6, and how they integrate with this camera and other GV IP cameras.

You can see this camera in action by taking a look at this GeoVision demo :

Geovision GV-SD220-SAs you can see, the SD220-S is an incredibly powerful camera, providing megapixel resolution details up to a mile away by utilizing its 18X optical zoom which is pretty darn impressive for a security camera. You might be thinking “Why would I need such a powerful security camera for my house?” and and truthfully, this camera may be overkill for your application. It is much more at home in long range applications that require high resolution surveillance.

The GeoVision features, which previously required a license dongle, have now been built-in to 8.5.6, which is quite handy as it includes many useful functions. The included features are : Digital Object Tracking, Face Count, Panorama View, Video Defogging, Video Stabilization, Crowd Detection, Advanced Scene Change Detection, Unattended Object Detection and Missing Object Detection. While in the GeoVision 8.5.6 multicam veiw, you may find these new functions by selecting the “Configure” icon and hovering over “Advanced Video Analysis”.

Geovision GV-SD220-S

The SD220 coupled with the Digital Object Tracking Advanced Video Process function provides the user with an excellent monitoring application. For example, in high security areas, after configuring the Digital Object Tracking function, the GV-SD220-S camera is capable of tracking an object or person up until it is out of the cameras field of vision, and with proper configuration, will also zoom and focus the object. Take a look at 8.5.6 Digital Object Tracking with the GV-Fisheye.

Also worth noting, the Face Count Setting AVP function, will capture faces and log them to GV-Web Report. Keep in mind though, that the Face Count feature is not facial recognition unfortunately so GeoVision will not search and categorize faces for you. You will have to review them manually. Automatic facial recognition is a feature many customers are looking forward to and I’m hoping it’ll be common-place in the not-so-distant future.

Overall, both the SD220 and the built-in Advanced Video Process functions offer a great security solution for wide variety of applications. While GeoVision’s functions take some time to configure, they are powerful features and when implemented properly, they have the potential for creating effective surveillance solutions as you may already know. I would personally recommend this camera for those who value their security and want to utilize the latest features with the most current hardware, as this hardware / software pairing is most definitely “top of the line”.


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  1. Ben on Mon, 22nd Apr 2013 6:36 am
  2. The SD220-S is indeed impressive. It would be of great use on the open spaces of airfields and airports where a zoom function would be really useful for checking airfield taxiways and runways for debris, litter and animals.

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