CCTV System Power Supplies : Keep Your CCTV System Running Like an Olympian

9ch power supply1000ma power supplyOne of the most important aspects of building a CCTV system is knowing and meeting the product’s power requirements – without a security camera power supply, you basically don’t have a security camera. If you want to keep your camera / system running properly and safely, take note of these basic power supply pointers:

  • Make sure your power supply is secure and invisible. If not, a prospective thief or vandal could simply draw an outlet or trim a basic wire, and immediately your device becomes impaired and useless.
  • Depending on the video component’s specific requirements, as well as location, there are many power supplies to choose from. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, rack mounts or wall mounts, and feature AC or DC outlets.  Make sure to read the specifications of your CCTV product to meet the exact power requirements.  Even though an electronic device may work with a slightly different power supply, to improve the product’s longevity and avoid future hassles, it’s important to meet the exact specifications.
  • Video surveillance systems typically run all the time putting a high demand on power supplies. They need a clean and consistent source of 12V DC or 24V AC power to assure uninterrupted operation.
  • Configuring typically ranges from 1-32 outputs, and some current ratings are as high as 25 amps when powering LED indicators. Other variable things to consider are environmental conditions – remember power supplies will need to withstand the elements.

racetrackThe correct CCTV power supply will enable your home or business surveillance system to keep running smoothly and efficiently, as well as lasting for a long time.  Not using the right power supply is like an Olympic runner wearing the wrong-sized sneaker.



4 Comments on CCTV System Power Supplies : Keep Your CCTV System Running Like an Olympian

  1. EN on Mon, 19th Mar 2012 3:36 pm
  2. I needed this last week!

  3. BillNyeTheCameraGuy on Wed, 21st Mar 2012 9:44 am
  4. It is always good to have to have more power than an insufficient amount of power for security cameras, especially when you have long cable runs and night vision cameras with IR illuminators. These IR illuminators spike the power requirements when they come on. For instance, a camera could be running at 200-300mA with the IRs off, the IRs could come on and spike the power required to 1000mA, and then it will go back down to 600-700mA. In this instance, it is best to have a minimum of 1000mA for this camera.

  5. Jack Stryker on Thu, 22nd Mar 2012 1:31 pm
  6. I wish more people understood the importance of power requirements and their camera system..

  7. KD on Thu, 22nd Mar 2012 3:55 pm
  8. I have made the mistake of sometimes going with the wrong power supply without taking into considerations ceratin things like the environment. Also I never knew how important IRs and distance impacted powers supplies as well. Good informaton Will!

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